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Worried about missing new information from our contributors? This new index of contributions brings together our shared family history forms and Facebook postings under the surnames of heads of Petworth emigrant families.

"Heber" shipFacebook Post2014-01-27
BARNES, JohnShared History2009-02-07
BIRCH/BURCH, Edmund/EdwardFacebook Post2013-06-09
BOWYERFacebook Post2012-02-14
BOXALL, WilliamShared History2009-01-12
BRISTOW, Edward & Hanna (Streeter)Facebook Album2009-05-20
BRISTOW, Edward & JohnFacebook Post2009-04-27
BRISTOW, Edward & JohnFacebook Post2009-04-27
BRISTOW, Edward & JohnFacebook Post2009-08-12
BRISTOW, Edward & JohnShared History2009-11-12
BROOKS, ThomasShared History2010-11-27
BROOKS, ThomasFacebook Post2010-12-11
BURBERRY (BARBERRY), John & RebeccaShared History2012-05-12
BURBERRY, DavidFacebook Post2012-11-06
BURBERRY, DavidFacebook Post2012-11-06
BURBERRY, JohnFacebook Post2012-11-06
BURCH, EdmundFacebook Post2014-08-15
BYGROVE, Mary AnnFacebook Post2011-08-22
CAREY, Philip & MaryShared History2013-10-17
CAREY, PhillipFacebook Post2013-01-11
CAREY, PhillipFacebook Post2013-05-17
CAREY, Stephen & Lucy (Hillman)Facebook Post2012-12-11
CHANTLER, Nathaniel & SophiaShared History2008-06-28
COLEMAN, WilliamShared History2008-06-24
COLEMAN, WilliamShared History2008-09-16
COLEMAN, WilliamFacebook Post2014-04-04
COOPER, James & Harriet (Lee)Facebook Post2012-06-18
COURTISFacebook Post2010-04-16
COURTNAGE, William & Ann (Madgwick)Facebook Post2010-04-16
COURTNAGE, William & Ann (Madgwick)Facebook Post2010-04-16
COURTNAGE, William & Ann (Madgwick)Facebook Album2010-04-16
COURTNAGE, William & Ann (Madgwick)Facebook Post2010-06-04
CROSSIN, CharlesFacebook Post2009-06-25
CROSSING, CharlesShared History2008-10-12
DANIELS, William & Elizabeth (Horton)Shared History2008-10-12
DITTON, Thomas & Tabitha (Rodd)Facebook Post2011-06-01
ELLIOTT, JamesFacebook Post2013-07-09
FORD, John & ClaraShared History2008-04-29
GREENFIELD, James & PrudenceShared History2008-04-09
GREENFIELD, James & PrudenceFacebook Post2009-06-30
GREENFIELD, James & PrudenceFacebook Post2013-10-15
HARBOUR, WilliamFacebook Post2014-08-03
HARRIS, David Ira & Frances (Carey)Facebook Post2013-05-17
HASLER, RichardFacebook Post2014-03-07
HILL, GeorgeFacebook Post2013-10-07
HILL, RichardFacebook Post2009-03-14
HILLS, GeorgeFacebook Post2011-11-08
HILLS, George & Ann (Charman)Facebook Post2009-07-13
HILLS, George & Ann (Charman)Facebook Post2009-07-15
HILLS, George & Ann (Charman)Facebook Post2010-04-08
HILTONFacebook Post2010-05-30
HILTON, JamesFacebook Post2011-09-15
HILTON, JaneFacebook Album2009-02-11
HOLMWOOD, John & LeahShared History2009-08-03
HOOKFacebook Post2013-08-04
HOPKINSFacebook Post2010-05-30
HOPKINS, George & MargaretShared History2008-07-22
HOPKINS, George & MargaretFacebook Post2014-08-19
HOPKINS, George & MargaretFacebook Post2014-08-19
HOPKINS, George & Margaret (Simmonds)Facebook Post39935
HOPKINS, George & Margaret (Simmonds)Facebook Post2013-02-22
HOPKINS, JamesFacebook Post2010-01-07
HOPKINS, JamesFacebook Album2010-01-07
HOPKINS, JamesFacebook Post2010-03-15
HOPKINS, JamesFacebook Album2010-03-15
HOPKINS, SarahFacebook Post2009-05-05
HOPKINS, SarahFacebook Post2010-06-23
HOPKINS, SarahFacebook Post2014-08-29
HOPKINS, SarahFacebook Post2014-08-09
HOWARD, EdwardFacebook Post2011-09-05
HOWARD, HenryFacebook Post2009-03-06
JACKMAN, WilliamFacebook Album2010-04-14
JOLLIFFE, JacobFacebook Post2009-04-03
JONES, Mr.Facebook Post2013-10-07
JOYES, George RobertFacebook Post2013-01-29
JOYES, Luke & Hannah (Dennett)Facebook Post2013-01-29
JOYES, Robert & Elizabeth (Joyes)Facebook Post2013-01-29
KNIGHTFacebook Post2010-05-30
LEGGETT, JosephFacebook Post2014-02-20
LITTLEWORTHFacebook Post2013-10-16
LITTLEWORTH, AnneFacebook Post2014-08-08
LITTLEWORTH, JamesFacebook Post2013-07-10
LITTLEWORTH, JamesShared History2013-08-05
LITTLEWORTH, JamesFacebook Post2013-08-05
LITTLEWORTH, JamesFacebook Post2013-10-11
LITTLEWORTH, ThomasFacebook Post2013-08-05
LONGHURST, Joseph & SarahShared History2008-09-25
MANN, Mark & Sophia (Rapley)Facebook Post2013-01-04
MANN, Noah & ElizabethShared History2008-04-13
MANN, Noah & ElizabethShared History2008-07-01
MANN, ShadrackShared History2008-07-01
MARTIN, HoraceFacebook Post2011-06-01
MARTIN, HoraceFacebook Post2011-06-15
MERRITT, Samuel & HarrietShared History2008-08-21
MESSENGER, CraigFacebook Post2012-12-12
MESSENGER, MarkFacebook Post2012-02-29
MORLEY Nathaniel & SarahShared History2008-04-29
NEAL, RichardShared History2008-03-12
OLDER, SamuelFacebook Post2010-10-01
OLDER, Samuel & Joanna (Hard)Facebook Post2011-05-10
PACYFacebook Post2010-07-12
PADWICK, Sarah Maria (Rapson)Facebook Post2012-10-26
PEACOCK, HenryShared History2009-01-29
PENFOLD, Mary RapsonFacebook Post2010-08-29
PENFOLD, Mary RapsonFacebook Album2010-08-29
PENNICOTT, JohnShared History2008-11-19
PESKETT, MatildaFacebook Post2012-02-13
PLUMLEY (PLUMBLEY), JamesFacebook Post2011-04-27
PRATT, JohnShared History2010-03-04
PRATT, JohnShared History2014-01-23
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-01-30
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-01-30
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-01-30
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-02-03
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-02-03
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-02-03
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-02-03
PRATT, JohnFacebook Post2014-02-03
PULLEN, Richard & ElizabethShared History2012-11-21
PULLEN, Richard & ElizabethFacebook Post2012-11-24
PUTTICK / PUTTOCKFacebook Post2013-02-22
RAPLEY, DavidFacebook Album2009-02-11
RAPLEY, LucyFacebook Album2009-02-11
RAPLEY, ThomasFacebook Album2009-02-11
RAPLEY, WilliamFacebook Album2009-02-11
RAPSONFacebook Post2013-10-27
RAPSON, JamesFacebook Post2009-09-02
RAPSON, JamesFacebook Album2010-08-29
RAPSON, JamesFacebook Post2014-09-02
RAPSON, James & SarahShared History2008-06-06
RAPSON, JaneFacebook Post2011-09-05
RAPSON, JaneFacebook Post2013-07-02
RAPSON, ThomasShared History2008-06-12
RAPSON, ThomasFacebook Post2011-10-21
RAPSON, William & MariaShared History2008-06-13
SAGEMAN, CharlesFacebook Album2010-09-01
SAGEMAN, CharlesFacebook Album2011-05-03
SAGEMAN, CharlesFacebook Post2011-05-03
SAGEMAN, John & AnnFacebook Post2009-09-20
SAGEMAN, John & AnnShared History2009-11-22
SAUNDERS, SusanFacebook Post2012-02-14
SAUNDERS, William & MatildaShared History2008-02-24
SMART, HenryFacebook Post2011-11-08
SMITHERS, WilliamFacebook Post2009-04-23
SMITHERS, WilliamFacebook Post2009-05-05
SOCKETTFacebook Post2010-04-16
SOUTHERTON, Charles & Esther (Smart)Facebook Post2010-11-23
SOUTHERTON, Charles & Esther (Smart)Shared History2011-11-06
TANNER, JohnFacebook Post2011-09-16
THAIR(E), George & RhodaShared History2008-06-06
TILLINGTONFacebook Post2009-08-28
TILT, JosephFacebook Post2010-01-31
TOWNSEND/TOWNSHEND/TOWNFacebook Post2010-03-17
TRIBE, HenryFacebook Post2011-11-07
TRIBE, Henry & CharlotteShared History2011-10-30
TRUSLERFacebook Post2013-11-01
TRUSLERFacebook Post2013-11-01
TRUSLER, JohnShared History2012-10-18
TRUSLER, TimothyFacebook Post2010-04-14
TRUSLER, TimothyFacebook Album2010-04-14
VOICEFacebook Post2010-05-30
VOICE, CorneliusFacebook Post2014-03-22
VOICE, Cornelius & ElizabethShared History2008-02-29
VOICE, Cornelius & ElizabethFacebook Album2009-01-19
VOICE, Cornelius JrFacebook Album2009-02-11
VOICE, JohnFacebook Post2011-06-14
VOICE, JohnFacebook Post2011-06-14
VOICE, John (George)Facebook Post2014-03-22
VOICE, John (George)Shared History2014-03-31
VOICE, JosephFacebook Album2009-01-19
WADEY, ThomasFacebook Post2014-01-20
WATTSFacebook Post2014-05-28
WHEELERFacebook Post2010-05-30
WHITE, BenjaminFacebook Post2012-12-11
WHITE, Luke & Fanny (Humphrey)Facebook Post2013-08-20
WHITE, Luke & Fanny (Humphrey)Facebook Post2013-09-16
WHITE, Luke & Fanny (Humphrey)Facebook Post2013-10-08
WILLARD, William & CharlotteShared History2008-09-17
WILSON, ObediahFacebook Post2010-09-01
WILSON, ObediahFacebook Post2010-09-01
WILSON, ObediahFacebook Post2011-03-30
WILSON, ObediahFacebook Album2011-05-03
WOLGAR, AnnFacebook Album2009-06-19
WOOLGAR, AnnShared History2008-11-09
WOOLGAR, AnnFacebook Post2009-06-08
WOOLGAR, AnnFacebook Post2009-06-11
WOOLGAR, AnnFacebook Post2009-06-19
WOOLGAR, John & MaryShared History2008-07-02
WORSFOLD, John & MariaShared History2008-09-17

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