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Ontario Burial Places of Petworth Emigrants

Compiled by Brenda Dougall Merriman

The tables below present by county some cemeteries in which Petworth emigrants are known to be buried. Research for Assisting Emigration and English Immigrant Voices, as well as information received from descendants indicated the burial places of some of the original Petworth emigrants. That information is available in Part Two of Assisting Emigration. Since publishing the books in 2000, we have uncovered more data about where Petworth graves can be found and have compiled a more inclusive list of relevant burials and cemeteries.

The following tables include the family surname of the emigrants, the name of the cemetery, and its geographic location. Only Petworth emigrants and children born in England are included. Further information can be found about most families in the two books. The information is grouped by county. The counties are listed alphabetically, as are the Petworth names within them. We have used the county names as they existed in the 19th and 20th centuries when these people died. The tables are intended to lead to the transcription which recorded the original tombstone information. These transcriptions have for the most part been recorded by local branches of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) and have been indexed by name.

Family Surname
Individual forenames are not given here. The surname may indicate that a husband, wife or some children-those born in England-are in the cemetery. Thus, the tables do not provide vital statistics information, which will come from the cemetery transcription or a personal visit.

Cemetery Name
A few cemeteries have had different names attached to them over the years. We have used the name or names indicated by current usage or by the local transcribers. If you decide to visit a cemetery, we suggest advance planning if further directions are needed. Large cemeteries may be fenced and not open to the public at all hours. They will have many sections; using the index to a transcription or plot register is essential. Some smaller, older burial grounds or cemeteries may no longer be visible due to neglect, or may have disappeared through site re-development. See the Appendix below the tables for further details.

The tables locate cemeteries within a town or township but do not provide precise directions. We have appended a list of the relevant cemeteries with more details about locations. In fact, most cemetery transcriptions have either lot and concession numbers, map coordinates, a street or postal address, or perhaps a map. Local contacts, as well as the Ontario Genealogical Society branch, should be able to give directions related to a road map. Internet links are given below.

Contact: Brant County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
HAMMONDBrant CemeteryBrantford Township
HANDSFIELDFarringdon ChurchBrantford Township
HANDSFIELDMohawk ChapelBrantford Township
WHEELERScotland CemeteryOakland Township

Contact: Bruce & Grey Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
JEATERRipley CemeteryHuron Township

Contact: Essex County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
HILLMANLakeview Cemetery, LeamingtonMersea Township

Contact: Haldimand County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
BOOKEROld Disciples CemeteryRainham Township
LEGGETTOld Disciples CemeteryRainham Township

Contact: Huron County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
COSENSTurner UnitedTuckersmith Township
JACKMANMaitland CemeteryGoderich Township
NOICEPublic Cemetery, FordwichHowick Township
RAPSONBall's MethodistHullett Township
TILTTurner UnitedTuckersmith Township

Contact: Lambton County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
BACHELORBethel UnitedWarwick Township
NAPPERBeechwood Cemetery, ForestPlympton Township
NAPPERHillsdale, PetroliaEnniskillen Township
NAPPEROil SpringsEnniskillen Township
PHILLIPSSt Pauls AnglicanWarwick Township
RANDALLKertch /South PlymptonPlympton Township
RANDALLPinehill UnitedBosanquet Township
TRUSLERCamlachie PresbyterianPlympton Township

Contact: Niagara Peninsula Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
CHASEVictoria LawnSt Catherines
ELLIOTTSt Johns Anglican, JordanLouth Township
PAYVictoria LawnSt Catherines

Contact: London & Middlesex County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
BOXALL4th Line/Zion MethodistAdelaide Township
COOPER4th Line/ZionAdelaide
DOWNER4th Line/ZionAdelaide
HILTON4th Line/ZionAdelaide
HILTONSt Anns AnglicanAdelaide
HILTONStrathroy MunicipalAdelaide
HOLDEN4th Line/ZionAdelaide
JOINER4th Line/ZionAdelaide
JOLLIFFE?Mount PleasantLondon
MANN4th Line/ZionAdelaide
MANNStrathroy MunicipalAdelaide
MITCHELL4th Line/ZionAdelaide
NAPPER4th Line/ZionAdelaide
PANNELL4th Line/ZionAdelaide
PARKER4th Line/ZionAdelaide
PEACOCKTiffany CemeteryDelaware Township
PULLENChrist Church AnglicanDelaware Township
RAPLEY4th Line/ZionAdelaide
THOMAS4th Line/ZionAdelaide
TIGNER (TICKNER)Poplar HillLobo Township

Contact: Norfolk County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
ANSCOMBECounty Home/InfirmaryWoodhouse Township
COURTNAGEBaptist Cemetery, HartfordTownsend Township
TERRYVittoria UnitedCharlotteville Township

Contact: Whitby-Oshawa Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
WILSONHarndon Cemetery, RaglanWhitby Township

Contact: Oxford County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
BOXALLOld St PaulsWoodstock
BRISTOWPlattsville CommunityBlenheim Township
BUDDOld St PaulsWoodstock
COLEMANOld St PaulsWoodstock
DENMANOld St PaulsWoodstock
DITTONOld St PaulsWoodstock
HARWOODTrinity AnglicanEast Zorra Township
KEMPOld St PaulsWoodstock
LILLYWHITEOld St PaulsWoodstock
LILLYWHITEWest Oxford UnitedWest Oxford Township
SIMSOld St PaulsWoodstock
SMITHERSHillview UnitedWoodstock

Contact: Perth County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
CAPLINGShakespeare CemeterySouth Easthope Township
COSENSWoodlawn, ListowelWallace Township

Contact: Waterloo Region Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
ADSETTPioneer Methodist,WinterbourneWoolwich Township
BRISTOWEarly PresbyterianWoolwich Township
BRISTOWElmira UnionWoolwich Township
COSENSOld Blair Cemetery, PrestonWaterloo Township
DEARLINGNew Hope CemeteryCambridge (Hespeler)
PENFOLDPioneer Methodist,WinterbourneWoolwich Township
SLIPPERHagey Mennonite, PrestonWaterloo Township
THOMASEarly PresbyterianWoolwich Township
TILTOld Blair Cemetery, PrestonWaterloo Township
TRIBEPioneer Methodist,WinterbourneWoolwich Township
TRUSSLERRosebank CemeteryWilmot Township
WAKEFORDMartin MennoniteWaterloo Township

Contact: Wellington County Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
ADSETTHowitt MemorialPuslinch Township
GOLDSWoodlawnCity of Guelph
HEATHERWoodlawnCity of Guelph
HEMINGWoodlawnCity of Guelph
MARTINPonsonby CemeteryNichol Township
PENFOLDElora Municipal Nichol Township
PENFOLDWoodlawnCity of Guelph
SOCKETTStone United ChurchEramosa Township

Contact: Hamilton-Wentworth OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
HARPERCarlisle UnitedEast Flamborough Township
HOLMWOODSt Johns Anglican ChurchTown of Ancaster
WILLARDSheffieldBeverly Township
WORSFOLDSheffieldBeverly Township

Contacts: York Region Branch OGS; Toronto Branch OGS
Family SurnameCemetery NameTown/Township Location
BARNESSt James AnglicanCity of Toronto
BIRCH (BURCH)Holy Trinity Anglican, ThornhillVaughan Township
CHANTLERNewmarket CemeteryNewmarket
FRYNecropolisCity of Toronto
GOLDRINGChrist Church Anglican, MimicoEtobicoke Township
GOLDRINGSt James AnglicanCity of Toronto
JACKMANSt James AnglicanCity of Toronto
JACKMANMount PleasantCity of Toronto
JACKMANNecropolisCity of Toronto
LELLIOTTHoly Trinity Anglican, ThornhillVaughan Township
MELLISHCarrville CemeteryVaughan Township
MESSENGERPotters FieldCity of Toronto
MILLYARDThornhill CommunityMarkham Township
PALMERNecropolisCity of Toronto
SMITHERSWesleyan Methodist PioneerVaughan Township
UPTONNecropolisCity of Toronto

To compile these tables, we reviewed the alphabetical list of emigrants in Part 2 of Assisting Emigration for adults and families for whom we had no place of death or burial, but where we did have an indication of their settlement or later residence. The names of likely subjects were checked against the Ontario Cemeteries Finding Aid (OCFA) which contains over two million entries and acts as an index to cemeteries which have been transcribed (usually by an OGS branch). While the OCFA does not contain every transcribed cemetery in the province (Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is not included, as one example, since it maintains its own fee-based electronic database) it is a great boon for this kind of project. The next step was to search any appropriate cemetery transcriptions. Eleven series of the transcriptions have been microfilmed by the Archives of Ontario, and the full Ontario Genealogical Society Collection is available at the North York Public Library in Toronto in paper form.

In order to identify Petworth individuals, we correlated such data as their age at the time of death, with their birth or baptismal information, if known. Sometimes the cemetery stone would give an important clue, such as 'native of Sussex, England.' Sometimes death registrations, census returns and newspaper notices were necessary to confirm place of birth, and names of spouse or children. Occasionally we had intensive work to distinguish a Petworth man from another individual of the same name in the same area.

In most cases, a Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is the creator of the cemetery transcription (see link below). A transcription will have a nominal index, often including forenames as well as surnames. The Ontario GenWeb with its many county sites is also another very useful resource for local contacts.

The archives of the Petworth Project are housed in Special Collections (Fonds GA 136) at the University of Waterloo Library. The collection, authors and compilers welcome new or corrected information; see About Us for email links.

Thanks To:
The Jackman Foundation
Ontario Cemeteries Finding Aid (
OGS Branches (
Archives of Ontario (

Appendix: Additional Details on Ontario Cemeteries and Burial Places of Petworth Emigrants
Brant Cemeteryon Highway 2, north side of road, east of City of Brantford
Farringdon Churchold Highway 24 (Mount Pleasant Road) south of Brantford
Mohawk ChapelMohawk Street, Brantford
Scotland Cemeteryat the Baptist church in Scotland Village, Oakland township

Ripley CemeteryRipley Village, Huron Township

Lakeview Cemetery233 Erie St. South, Town of Leamington

Old DisciplesRainham Township, perhaps known as Sweets Corners Christian

Ball's MethodistBaseline Rd east of Londesborough Village, Hullett Township
Maitlandsoutheast end of Town of Goderich
Public CemeteryFordwich Village, Howick Township
Turner's Unitedsouth of Brucefield Village, Tuckersmith Township

Beechwood CemeteryTown of Forest
Bethel Unitedsoutheast of Arkona Village, Warwick Township
HillsdaleTown of Petrolia
Kertch Burying GroundKertch Village northeast of Wyoming, Plympton Township
Knox PresbyterianVillage of Camlachie
Oil SpringsTown of Oil Springs
Pinehill UnitedVillage of Arkona
St Pauls AnglicanWisbeach village, lot 28 concession 1 Warwick Township

St Johns Anglican5th Ave at Road 81, Town of Jordan
Victoria Lawn2 Queenston St, RR #6, City of St Catherines

Christ Church AnglicanDelaware Village, Delaware Township
Mount PleasantRiverside Drive; City of London
Poplar Hillsouthwest of Coldstream Village, Lobo Township
St Anns AnglicanAdelaide Village, Adelaide Township
Strathroy Municipalsouthwest end of Metcalf St, Town of Strathroy
TiffanyDelaware Village, Delaware township
ZionCounty road 39 west of Strathroy

Baptist CemeteryHartford Village, Townsend Township
County HomeInfirmary cemetery behind Norview Lodge, 510 Queensway W., Simcoe
Vittoria UnitedVittoria Village, Charlotteville Township

Hardon CemeteryRaglan village, Whitby Township

Hillview6th Ave, Town of Woodstock
Old St PaulsDundas St, Woodstock
Plattsville CommunityHighway 97 between Plattsville & Bright Villages
Trinity AnglicanHighway 59 south of Tavistock Village, East Zorra Township
West Oxford Unitedsoutheast of Town of Ingersoll, across the river

ShakespeareShakespeare village, South Easthope Township
WoodlawnHighway 86, Listowel Village

Early PresbyterianHighway 86 west of Town of Elmira, Woolwich Township
Elmira UnionHighway 86 east of Elmira
Hagey MennoniteFountain St N, City of Cambridge, across from Preston cemetery
Martin Mennonitecorner King Street N & Country Squire Road, City of Waterloo
New Hope235 Cooper St, Cambridge (Hespeler)
Old BlairBlair village, Cambridge (Preston)
Rosebankon Huron Road across from Brethren Church, Wilmot Township;
Pioneer MethodistCounty Road 23, 1/2 mile south of Winterbourne Village

Elora MunicipalSouth Street, Town of Elora
Howitt Memorial4th concession road west of highway 6, Puslinch Township
PonsonbyPonsonby Village, Nichol Township
Stone ChurchHighway 24 between Villages of Eramosa and Everton
Woodlawnnorth end of Woolwich St., City of Guelph

Carlisle UnitedCarlisle Village, East Flamborough Township
SheffieldSheffield Village, Beverly Township
St Johns Anglicancorner Halson & Wilson Sts, Town of Ancaster

Carrvillenorth side Rutherford Road west of Bathurst St, City of Vaughan
Christ Church AnglicanRoyal York Road south of Evans Ave, City of Toronto
Holy Trinity Anglicaneast side Yonge St, City of Vaughan (Thornhill)
Newmarketsite re-developed; removed? to current cemetery 112 N Main St
Necropolis200 Winchester St, City of Toronto
Potters Fieldsite re-developed; burials removed to St James & Necropolis
St James Anglican635 Parliament St, City of Toronto
Thornhill Communitynortheast corner John St & Church Lane, Vaughan (Thornhill)
Wesleyan Methodist PioneerCity of Vaughan (Woodbridge)

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