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Emigrants sent under the Petworth Emigration Committee: an alphabetical list of sending parishes organized by county
Compiled by Leigh Lawson

For those researchers who are interested in the history of a specific parish, Leigh Lawson has begun compiling lists of assisted emigrants sorted specifically by parish.

This list is of parishes which sent emigrants on ships chartered by the Petworth Emigration Committee 1832 – 1837 and on other commercial ships after 1837. Leigh is compiling further lists for Hampshire.

Further information can be found in Part Two of Assisting Emigration To Upper Canada: The Petworth Project, 1832-1837 Wendy Cameron and Mary MacDougall Maude McGill-Queen’s University Press 2000

East Sussex Parishes
Assisted emigrants from East Sussex parishes, all of whom with the exception of only one or two, went to Upper Canada, on the British Tar chartered by the Petworth Emigration Committee in 1834.

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West Sussex Parishes

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Surrey Parishes

Emigrants from Surrey parishes, who were assisted by the Dorking Emigration Society in association with the Petworth Emigration Committee.










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